Dear Armenians for Obama,

You have made history!

It was truly an incredible year. Since the inception of Armenians for Obama and the endorsement of the now president-elect - long before anyone thought he had a chance - by the Armenian National Committee, Armenian-Americans mobilized to get a candidate elected who listened to their concerns and who took the initiative to do the right thing without being asked.

I am immensely proud of my fellow Armenians - living in the United States and abroad - for their unprecedented dedication to the election of Senator Barack Obama to our nation's highest office. Our volunteers in Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Missouri, Virginia, California, and New York made a huge contribution to the victories and unprecedented results in all of these states. Through outreach to both Armenian-American and non-Armenian voters, our field team was indispensable to the success of the Obama campaign and that was acknowledged by not only the campaign's staff but by Barack Obama himself.

As Armenians for Obama's field director, I am proud of how quickly and efficiently the Armenian-American community organized itself into one of the most active Obama groups in the country. Through our network of volunteers in every swing state, our over 3000 members on Facebook, and our local community organizers, Armenians for Obama was everywhere that votes were needed and we delivered! The national and international press coverage we received was because of your hard work!

I want to give my sincerest thanks to all those who volunteered, made donations, traveled to other states, registered voters, talked to their family members and friends, made phone calls, and knocked on doors. You have set the bar high for future campaigns but with the same commitment to success and from what I witnessed this year, I am wholly convinced that together, we can excel beyond even our highest expectations.

Stay active and please be in touch!

Respectfully Yours,

William A. Bairamian
Armenians for Obama - Field Director

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