Armenians For Obama & Greeks For Obama To Host Joint Fundraiser In New York City

October 20, 2008
New York, NY - With a little more than two weeks to go in the 2008 Presidential election, Armenian-Americans and Greek-Americans in Manhattan will show their support of Presidential hopeful Senator Barak Obama by hosting a fundraiser.

The event, which will take place on October 28 at Lafayette Bar and Grill in downtown Manhattan, will feature community leaders from the Armenian and Greek communities, as well as actor Tate Donovan, an Obama supporter and friend of Peter Balakian.

"This is a great opportunity for Armenians and Greeks to come together and rally for the Obama-Biden ticket," commented Nicole Vartanian, Armenians for Obama New York activist. "Both Senators have proven to have solid support on Armenian and Greek American issues, and come November 4th, it will be a true victory for all Americans when Obama wins the Presidency."

In January of 2008 Senator Obama released a statement to the Armenian-American community expressing his support on key issues on US-Armenian relations, recognition of the Armenian Genocide, a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict in-line with the principles of self-determination and democracy, and working to end the Turkish and Azerbaijani blockade's of Armenia.

The Senator has also released several recent statements, including one recognizing Armenia's 17th Independence on September 21st, as well as a statement calling for an end of the Turkish occupation of Cyprus.

All those interested in attending the October 28th event, are encouraged to RSVP by visiting The event is expected to begin at 6:30pm. Lafayette Bar & Grill is located at 54-56 Franklin St., NY, NY. For more information, please call 917-751-4916.

For more information on where Senator Barack Obama stands on Armenian American issues, visit

Armenians for Obama is a nationwide voter registration, education, and mobilization effort dedicated to electing Barack Obama President. Based in Los Angeles, and with chapters and affiliates across the country, Armenians for Obama will harness the energy and enthusiasm for Barack Obama's candidacy to ensure record high Armenian American turnout in critical battleground states.