Armenians for Obama Meets with Democratic
Vice Presidential Nominee Senator Joe Biden

October 17, 2008
Los Angeles, CA – Armenians for Obama Chairman, Areen Ibranossian, met yesterday with Senator Joe Biden during a fundraiser at the Pacific Design Center in the heart of Los Angeles.

During the course of the meeting, Ibranossian discussed with the Senator numerous issues relating to Armenian-Americans as well as the work being done by Armenians for Obama.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to meet Senator Biden. During our conversation I thanked the Senator for his long standing support of Armenian Genocide recognition and especially his leadership in ensuring military aid parity for Armenia and Azerbaijan,” stated Ibranossian. “Senator Biden's deep understanding of foreign affairs and his commitment to truth and justice were on display as we spoke and I was inspired by his passion and energy,” continued Ibranossian.

Senator Biden also thanked Armenians for Obama for its hard work and dedication to electing Senator Obama the next President of the United States. “After outlining the work that Armenians for Obama has been doing, Senator Biden expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation for the community's support and encouraged Armenians for Obama to continue to educate and mobilize voters over the course of these last 19 days,” commented Ibranossian.

Senator Biden also commented that in an Obama-Biden administration, openness and honesty would prevail regarding U.S. policy on the Armenian Genocide.

Armenians for Obama is a nationwide voter registration, education, and mobilization effort dedicated to electing Barack Obama President. Based in Los Angeles, and with chapters and affiliates across the nation, Armenians for Obama will harness the energy and enthusiasm for Barack Obama 's candidacy to ensure record high Armenian American turnout in critical battleground states.