The Debate Must Go On

September 24, 2008
Los Angeles, CA - The first presidential debate must go on as scheduled, announced Armenians for Obama, explaining that our country is at a critical turning point and the presidential debate is the best forum in which to address issues and show the American public where each candidate stands on issues - especially the economy.

Sen. John McCain announced today his intentions to suspend his presidential campaign and return to Washington to focus on the economic crisis, albeit without the invitation of Congressional or regulatory leaders. He also proposed to postpone the much-anticipated debate Friday in Oxford, Mississippi.

Sen. Barack Obama disagreed with McCain's call for postponing Friday's debate, saying in a statement "It's my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person will be the next president."

"Sen. McCain's efforts to postpone the debate at this important juncture in the race is politically motivated and a sad attempt at portraying himself as a leader on economic issues," said Areen Ibranossian, chairman of Armenians for Obama.

"Last week we heard Senator McCain proudly proclaim that the 'fundamentals of the economy are strong' and he later called for greater regulation of the financial system even though he has referred to himself as 'fundamentally a deregulator'", added Ibranossian. "And now when the only thing that's changed since last week is Senator McCain's standing in the polls, he wants to postpone the most important debate this country will ever had and work on the economic crisis and to shift the focus from the real issues and hide behind Capitol Hill," continued Ibranossian.

Ibranossian concluded by stating, "Senator McCain has demonstrated time and again that his mantra of 'putting country first' is only applicable on his campaign signs and stickers. The American people will see through this political ploy and more importantly Americans should be concerned that Senator McCain apparently can't chew gum and walk at the same time."

Sen. Obama said he will do whatever it takes to address the current crisis. "If I can be helpful, then I'm prepared to be anywhere, any time. ... [I] don't want to infuse Capitol Hill with presidential politics."

Armenians for Obama believes that postponing the debate would be great disservice to the American people who, more than ever, are engaged in the political process and deserve the opportunity to hear, first hand, from the person who will be president in January.

Armenians for Obama is a nationwide voter registration, education, and mobilization effort dedicated to electing Barack Obama President. Based in Los Angeles, and with chapters and affiliates across the country, Armenians for Obama will harness the energy and enthusiasm for Barack Obama's candidacy to ensure record high Armenian American turnout in critical battleground states.